RSI Checklist

There are many reasons (eloquently described here) that we would encourage all clinicians to use a Pre-Intubation Checklist as a cognitive aid for “Out Of Theatre RSI", whether in the ED, the wards, ICU or prehospital. 

Whilst a checklist is not designed to be a formula for all intubations, it aims to improve team communication and ensure that all steps in this potentially hazardous procedure have been planned for.

Our initial checklist was developed by consensus within the RNSH  Emergency Department. It was further modified by a Delphi Study of New South Wales ED Directors. This word document shows the items that were added to the original RNSH ED checklist highlighted in red. It is expected that it will need to be modified to suit specific institutions or environments so we have provided it as a word file.

The minutiae of RSI, for example specific drug doses, have been purposefully omitted in an attempt to keep the checklist simple and quick to run through. 

Again, it is NOT a recipe for RSI.

The intubator and airway assistant will typically work through this during pre oxygenation. It will act as a final check that these points have already been considered. When completed, there should be nothing left but to await instruction from the team leader to proceed with RSI.

Clearly, it is important to specifically identify that each item has indeed been actioned or considered, rather than simply paying lip service to each point. It should not be a “Tick and Flick” process.

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